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What are your goals for your dog?

Perhaps you have just gotten a new dog or puppy and you want to set him/her up for maximum success in your family.

You are expecting a new baby and you want to prepare your dog and set up a safe environment.

Maybe you have a dog that has some fear or reactivity issues that you need help with.

Living with a dog isn’t always easy and we can all use some support at times with any number of issues.  Whatever it is that you want for your dog, I can help you achieve it. With both private training and group class options available, I will work with you to find a solution.

Calgary dog Training
Lynnette McDonald, B.A. (Psych), CPDT-KA

My Philosophy

Calgary Dog Training
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My Philosophy

Dogs enrich our lives in so many ways.  The least we can do, as their guardians, is to train them with care and respect.  I believe that when we build a strong bond with our dogs, anything is possible.  When we use rewards based training, we encourage our dogs to make choices and engage with their world.  This builds confident dogs that are eager to learn and take on challenges.

Positive reinforcement training is scientifically proven to be the most effective method of training behaviors that are enduring.  While other methods work, they have the potential to do serious harm.  There is no reason to use methods that cause your dog discomfort or fear.  Training should be a fun experience that strengthens your relationship.  I therefore discourage the use of aversive equipment, intimidation, or physical manipulation.