COVID Policies

Update as of September, 2021

SACA is participating in the Restriction Exemption Program and all persons entering the space are required to show ID and vaccination records or a negative COVID test.  Pup Culture must therefore comply in order to operate classes.  Masks must be worn indoors as per City of Calgary bylaws.

Update as of June, 2021

Masks are not currently required, but as the situation evolves the original policies may be reinstated.  Clients will continue to be spaced around the room with the option of interacting if they so choose.  Anyone who wishes to maintain the 2 metre distance must inform the instructor and every effort will be made to respect those wishes.

COVID Policies prior to June 2021:

As per the policies put in place by the Scenic Acres Community Association, all people entering the facility must be wearing a mask.  Hand sanitizer is available in the facility and should be used prior to going into the main room.  Please ensure that anyone entering before you, has cleared the lobby area before proceeding.  Please do not enter the building earlier than 5 minutes prior to class start time.  The instructor will be sanitizing the space for your safety, prior to, and between classes.

Class size for regular group classes is limited to 6 dogs.  Every dog will have their own space to work within, and at no time will anyone come within 2 metres of one another.  Once inside your own space, you may remove your facemask.

The instructor will have a face shield on at all times and will frequently use hand sanitizer when working with the dogs.  At times, there may be exercises requiring owners to work outside their allotted space.  Guardians will be required to put their face mask on for these exercises, but have the right to decline to take part.

For interactive dog classes such as puppy play, the class size will be limited to 10.  Owners must remain in their marked spaces and will not be allowed to move around the room.  This is to ensure the appropriate social distancing measures are being adhered to.  Please be aware that your dog will have exposure to other people as well as their dogs.  The instructor will monitor the class and retrieve dogs for their owners when necessary.