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Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. We will go over the information you have provided at our initial consultation. Please ensure that your dog is put away for the first part of our meeting.

Please note that I use positive reinforcement techniques that involve, for the most part using treats. This is not meant to be a bribe, but a means of creating a positive association for teaching desired behaviors. The treats will eventually be weaned so that you will not always need them, but should be used in the early stages of training and as a refresher tool. For training to be successful, all members of the household must be consistent, so it is highly suggested that all members be present if possible.

*I am not a certified behaviorist and cannot address overly complex behavioral issues. I will refer you to a more qualified person if I feel the behaviors are beyond what I can help you with.

I can be contacted as follows with any questions:

Lynnette McDonald, B.A. (Psych.), CPDT-KA
Phone: 403-815-1806