Frequently Asked Questions

What type of training do you use?

I am a positive reinforcement trainer.  This means that I facilitate your dog’s learning, by celebrating successes.  I do not believe in the use of force or applied punishment to make your dog do what we want it to do.  Science tells us that these methods are detrimental to your dog’s emotional well-being.  I have a degree in Psychology and I can tell you that most of the things we know about human learning apply to our dogs as well.  The best learning takes place when our dogs are feeling secure and supported.

Why do you use food to train dogs?  Aren’t you bribing the dog?

All dogs need to eat, so food is an easy motivator to use.  Treats are used primarily to create a good association with what we are trying to train our dog to do.  We all learn the same way.  Things that we enjoy and get rewarded for, get repeated.  In the beginning, we use lots of rewards to create that good feeling in our dog.  Eventually, once that positive feeling is established, we can fade out the treats.  If this isn’t done properly, yes food can become a bribe, but proper training ensures that it doesn’t.  Your dog develops a wonderful bond with you, because you are developing a consistent way of communicating!

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Do you guarantee that your training will work for my dog?

I do not guarantee this and would be highly suspicious of anybody that did.  Training success depends on the environment, consistency, personality, time spent and a host of other factors that I have no control over.  I can give you the tools and instructions to succeed, based on my education and experience.  It is up to you to maximize your dog’s potential.  I do guarantee that I will convey information that is up to date and based on scientific, humane practices.

How soon should I enroll my puppy/dog in class?

As soon as your puppy has had 2 sets of shots, he/she can attend class.  Puppies are sponges and the sooner you get them exposed to learning, the better!  My only caveat to this is, if you have newly brought your puppy or dog home, give them a chance to adjust to their new situation and family.  Don’t try to bring them to a class the second day that you have them!  If you have concerns about how your dog will do in class, please feel free to contact me.  I’m more than happy to discuss your personal situation with you.

What happens if I can’t attend a class?

Notes for training classes will be made available through email on items covered during each class.  It will be your responsibility to read the notes and practice with your dog.  Any questions can be emailed to your instructor.

What is your refund policy?

All classes must be paid for in full prior to the start of class.  No refunds will be offered except under the following circumstances:  

In the event that a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, Pup Culture will attempt to work with you to reschedule an alternate date.  A full refund will be offered if an alternate class cannot be rescheduled.  

In the event that Pup Culture is forced to cease operations due to uncontrollable circumstances (i.e. pandemic lockdown), Pup Culture will prorate and refund any classes that cannot be taught.